Glamour Modeling

Glamour modeling is taking a set of sensual/alluring pictures meant to be seen by the public to sell a particular brand or product. In this case, Fashionaire She Virgin bundles, which can be purchased here.Glamour Modeling

Hello to all the FashShe’s and FashHe’s of the world,

Fashionaire She here, with yet another fashionable post, and this week we are answering questions about all things Glamour Modeling. Before, I get into it if you have not checked out my post on 10 Revealing Secrets a Model Won’t Tell You Please read it first. I give you all the tips and need to know on actually being a model.

Now as stated in such post there are quite a few varieties in the types of modeling. In glamour modeling the focus is more on the models sexuality rather than the clothes he/she is wearing. One of  the advantages of glamour modeling is that there’s no height requirement. Anyone can do it, so long as your confident and good looking.


As a glamour  model you are expected to show off your body and display a certain amount of sex appeal. I don’t do much of this work personally but it’s the form of modeling the FashShe’s have most questions about.

glamour modeling

The video is a look at behind the scenes footage from my most recent glamour and beauty photo shoot. Do not forget to click here to go over to my YouTube channel and subscribe.


Tips and Tricks of Glamour Modeling

  • Emotion is created with the eyes, lips, neck and shoulders.
  • When the photographers shooting from an angle lower than you, the best pictures are captured with you facing away from the camera.
  • ALWAYS face toward the light and adjust your body accordingly.
  • As stated  in the last modeling post, you must take special care of your your hair, skin, and nails. But as a glamour model that has to be taken a step further. It is best to maintain a fit physique too.
  • Always keep in mind that once any piece of work you do hits the internet it’s out there forever. Only post your best work and never do any poses nor accept jobs you aren’t completely comfortable with. Set your own standard and stick to it.

bob style wigsSpecial shout out to Kevin D Photos for capturing these amazing photos and Kaleb Wright for the videography.