1 High Income per hour. Average model hire fees in London range from £40 to over £150 per hour for 83% of jobs.
2 Flexible hours. Modelling is great for students and full time staff who want another source of income, but need the work to fit into their existing timetable.
3 Attention and Fame. The feeling of being admired by people is priceless. Imagine someone asking, “Hi! Aren’t you in this month’s fashion feature?” or “Please, may I have your autograph?”.
4 Working with talented artists. Unlike everyday jobs which may be mind numbingly repetitive, participating in modeling assignments is fun and exciting! You’ll be an integral part of a creative team who will strive to create something fresh and unique.
5 Mixing in the Hottest Social Circles. Rub shoulders with famous models, entertainers and celebrities at exclusive A-List parties and events.
6 Wear the latest fashion designs way before your friends ever see them in the shops.
7 Easy to get started.

If one or more of these reasons appeal to you, then submit your application to become a LG Model.