There is a general misconception that becoming a glamour model is easy. The reality, however is that the glamour industry is is very difficult to break into, in much the same way as the career of an actor.
One of the most important things to consider before glamour modelling is that the photos and videos you make will be there forever and cannot be retracted. It is therefore essential that you are 100% certain that glamour modelling is the career for you.

Once you have decided that glamour modelling is right for you, your appearance and maintaining your body are of uppermost importance. Generally speaking the more amazing you look, the higher calibre of work opportunities will present themselves to you. One of the main elements in breaking into the glamour modelling industry is the more open-minded and adventurous you are the better it is for you.
The more styles of glamour modelling you are willing to do will greatly increase the amount of work you are likely to receive.

Glamour modelling encompasses not just nude modelling but also implied, lingerie and even promotional trade shows and events.